command line to backup my documents to external drive

Thomas Evangelidis tevang3 at
Fri May 14 06:51:18 MDT 2010

I'm really confused with all the examples out there and all different types
of incremental backups. I tried several scripts but cannot reduce the size
of my backup folders. What I want is to backup my documents to my external
drive every month and save as much disk space as possible.

 Lets say I have 3 backup directories in the external drive, backup03.10,
backup04.10 and backup05.10. I want to:

1) keep old files in backup03.10 that have been deleted in May, and hence
are not in backup05.10
2) use symbolic or hard links for files or directories that have not been
3) files that were modified in May must be in backup05.10 whereas the old
versions in backup03.10 and backup04.10, with those in backup04.10 being
symbolic links (if possible)

Please someone help me with this or point me to the right example.
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