Sync different copies of a filesystem

N. Yaakov Ziskind awacs at
Thu May 13 11:24:31 MDT 2010

I have 5 or 6 :-( different copies of a filesystem on various Linux
boxen, all backups taken at different times, with different exclusions,
and squirreled away. Now's the time to clean up my attic. I'd like to
merge them all into one big filesystem. When there are different copies
of the same files, I'd like to keep the newest; I don't know what else
to do. My plan (assuming I'm going to retain 'path0' as the surviving
filesystem) goes like this:

rsync -azPv -u path-to-system-1 path0
rsync -azPv -u path-to-system-2 path0
rsync -azPv -u path-to-system-3 path0
rsync -azPv -u path-to-system-4 path0
rsync -azPv -u path-to-system-5 path0

and then rm -rf "path-to-system-?", and hope for the best.

What kind of disaster can I look forward to with this approach, and is
there a better one?


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