Vs: Re: The source and destination cannot both be remote :-(

kari.marttanen at pp.inet.fi kari.marttanen at pp.inet.fi
Sat May 8 05:39:00 MDT 2010

Christian Huldt wrote:
> That I have no idea about, but I believe it would double the bandwith 
> requirements or half the speed compared to
> ssh root at client "rsync /var/tmp/in tomcat at fileserver:/opt/"

>>It would likely increase the latency, but it should not significantly
>>impact the required bandwidth, assuming that you have a full-duplex
>>connection. If you have a half-duplex connection, yes, the bandwidth
>>consumption would double.

Yes , with single network adapter.

We using segmented network layout 
aka own network-interface for production, management and backup
so bandwidth is not a problem for copying.

Cause server are also configured own VLANs and firewalls between
segments blocking traffic and eating performance so remote-remote
rsync sounds good and gives more ways to copying data easily to
server to server example in hardware refreshing cases.

Regards Kari

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