rsync --exclude-from-file not working

Johan johansche at
Sun Mar 28 09:17:07 MDT 2010

Good day,

rsync does load and read the file but does not act on it.

If I change the filename rsync complains.
I must be doing something wrong.

I use a laptop. Opensuse 11.2,
 rsync >  version 3.0.6  protocol version 30.

I created the following to test..
In .. /home/johan/ a dir rysnc-tst. In that 2 dirs.. begin .. end and a
file exclude. Also a script for rsync.

In dir.. begin 4 files named a, b, c, d.

exclude file..
- b
- /begin/d

no space minus space d no space enter. Same with other.
Tried various ways. none work.

rsync -av --exclude-from=exclude begin/ end.

All files get copied, every time.

Tried same in ubuntu 9,10. Same.

Kindly please what am I doing wrong.
Johan Sch

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