rsync give option mkdir -p

Lloyd Standish lloyd at
Thu Mar 25 19:10:06 MDT 2010

Alex, to create directories for a series of backups and other backup administration tasks, I think you should consider using a backup program or shell script - there are several.  I am author of one, called "snap2."  It uses rsync as backup "engine."  You have find it here:  It includes a GUI for easy configuration of desktop backups to local or remote media, or it can be used without the GUI to backup a server.

On Thu, 25 Mar 2010 17:12:41 -0600, Alex <pppsss7 at> wrote:

> Hello
> how i can use rsync whith mkdir -p for nackup dirs ?
> when i use rsync / /backup/month/day
> i need automatic creation month and day dirs.
> mkdir -p can do that, but rsync can't

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