include/exclude problems

Vitaly V. Ganusov vitaly.ganusov at
Thu Mar 25 09:26:33 MDT 2010

Dear Wayne,

I am using rsync to synchronize my working files from home computer to 
the work computer. I want to sync only the files in some directories and 
no .files. However, I do need to sync several files from .mozilla 
director (addressbook, calendar and bookmarks) which are located in the 
.directory. I use the following command and the "excluded-utk.txt" file

rsync -aunvz --delete -e ssh --exclude-from 'excluded-utk.txt' 
/home/vitaly/ utk:/home/vitaly

from excluded-utk.txt file:

+ .mozilla-thunderbird/
+ .mozilla-thunderbird/afc5fv2p.default/
+ .mozilla-thunderbird/afc5fv2p.default/abook.mab
+ .mozilla-thunderbird/afc5fv2p.default/storage.sdb
- .mozilla-thunderbird/afc5fv2p.default/ImapMail
- .mozilla-thunderbird/afc5fv2p.default/Mail
- .mozilla-thunderbird/afc5fv2p.default/lock
- .mozilla-thunderbird/afc5fv2p.default/extensions
- lena
- data
- doctoral
- install
- local
- stuff
- temp
- web
- Hosts
- .*

The output is:


No "storage.sdb" is transferred. Can you help me with figuring out why 
this is the case?

Thanks a lot,


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