--delete question.

Satish Shukla satish at cadence.com
Wed Mar 24 00:40:08 MDT 2010

Please advise on rsync usage.  --delete doesn’t work without recursion(--recursion). The recursion is causing huge overheads for me. My directory trees are huge.  Any suggestions through which I can cut overheads.  It used to work well in rsync-v2.5.5

/opt/rsync-v2.5.5/bin/rsync --delete --checksum -lptgoD --rsync-path=/opt/rsync-v2.5.5/bin/rsync --hard-links --timeout=5184000 --exclude=.snapshot --stats user at host::abc/xyz/*  /aaa/bb/cc   (Works Well for this version)

/opt/rsync-v3.0.7/bin/rsync --delete --checksum -lptgoD --rsync-path=/opt/SFI/rsync-v3.0.7/bin/rsync --hard-links --timeout=5184000 --exclude=.snapshot --stats user at host::abc/xyz/*  /aaa/bb/cc  (doesn’t work without –r)


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