UDT4 and rsync? support to socket.c?

Jan Wagner jan.wagner at iki.fi
Fri Mar 19 07:37:26 MDT 2010

Hi, has anyone of the devels considered adding UDT4 fast reliable udp 
transport to socket.c, as a user-selectable alternative to using default 
slow TCP?

It could give a 4 to 10-fold throughput improvement to rsync speed over 
wide area networks.

UDT4 is a C++ library. Has been around for a long time. Being C++ this 
might require that a possible new socket_udt.cpp would need a few 
"extern "C"". The UDT4 library replicates the normal BSD socket API in 
UDT:: class context (e.g. getsockopt() becomes UDT::getsockopt() and so 
on). So it is a quite direct drop-in for normal socket ops. API: 

Just a thought. Has anyone considered it before?  Intention is not to 
replace or enhance the ssh/rsh "--rsh=..." option but the connection to 
a remote rsync daemon.

 - Jan

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