Rsync behaviour on harddisc crash

Mac User FR macuserfr at
Thu Mar 18 12:24:04 MDT 2010

Oh, sorry, I didn't get that the filesystem to check was the remote one. Now I get why the solution is so complex.

Le 18 mars 2010 à 18:30, Paul Slootman a écrit :

> On Thu 18 Mar 2010, Mac User FR wrote:
>> Wouldn't it be better to use conditional expressions from sh with a
>> smaller footprint than rsync --list to check if the directory
>> exists?
>> I think on something like:
>> -d file
>> 	      True if file exists and is a directory.
> That won't work to check a directory on a remote system.
> (Hint: server::folder indicates an rsync module "folder" on the "server" system.)
> Paul
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