Rsync behaviour on harddisc crash

Christian Röder cr at
Thu Mar 18 09:46:22 MDT 2010

I was just pondering:

Lets look at Server A with one extra harddisc hdb, where hdb1 is mounted at /mnt/folder.

/mnt/folder is the folder which should be mirrored on Server B.

So Server B rsyncs

rsynch -a -delete server::folder  /folder

from Server A and gets all the new files and deletes all the files, which doesn't exist on Server A's /mnt/folder anymore.

What would happen, if the harddisc hdb would fail?

Will this happen?:

harddisc hdb failes

hdb1 is not automatically mounted at /mnt/folder

Server B rsyncs from Server A, but /mnt/folder is empty, so rsync deletes every file in the mirror folder on Server B?

Are my assumptions correct?

Thanks in advance,


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