cwrsync and link-dest option

Stefan Agner stefan at
Mon Mar 15 06:35:08 MDT 2010


In a small environment I have to backup two servers, an Ubuntu 9.10  
and a Windows Server 2008 machine. My Backuphost is a Ubuntu 9.10  
machine as well. I installed rsync on both Ubuntu hosts from  
repository (3.0.6) and cwrsync from  
(3.0.7). Then I wrote some Bash-Scripts which executes rsync every  
week like that:
rsync -v -a 192.168.x.y::data $BACKUPDIR/weekly.0
And every day like that:
rsync -v -a --link-dest=$BACKUPDIR/weekly.0 192.168.x.y::data  

In the backups of the Ubuntu host, I can see that the Inode number of  
the same file in weekly.0 and daily.0 is the same (ls -lai shows the  
files with a blue background as well). On Windows this doesn't work.  
But the file are definitly unchanged (verified with md5sum). As far as  
I could see all file attributes are the same as well (size, date,  
rights)... Anyway, I think that rsync detects something different at  
the files, which is not obvious to me. Does link-dest with cwrsync  
works for you? Is there any problem known with link-dest and cwrsync?  
Which attributes are checked by rsync to decide if it should copy the  
file again or link it?

Thanks for any hints

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