Specify Includes Only

Paul rsync908347 at rainslide.net
Sat Mar 13 16:33:43 MST 2010

Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, but I just can't find anywhere on the net that tells me how to do this. I've been trying for ages to get this right, using various forms of --include-from, --exclude, --filter, etc.

I want to copy only specific directories that contain specific filetypes, from sourcedir to destdir. For example, I want to copy all .mp3 and all .ogg files found in the GroupA, GroupC directories under /home/paul/sourcedir/. For example, if I have


then I want to end up with


I have tried various forms of

+ *.mpg
+ *.ogg
+ /GroupA/***
+ /GroupC/***

into an --include-from file, but it just copies everything under GroupA and GroupC, regardless if it's .mp3 and .ogg.

Is there no way to do this: "copy these extensions in these directories"? I don't want to specify the extensions to NOT include, because they could be anything, I know that I just want mp3 and ogg types.

Thank you!



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