DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6746] file from link-dest-source is copies and not linked for identical files

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Thu Mar 11 02:14:27 MST 2010

------- Comment #1 from at  2010-03-11 03:14 CST -------
I have a similar problem. The content of some directories will not get hard
linked but copied instead. The command I use is:

rsync -a \
    --link-dest first_dir \
    --link-dest second_dir \
    /export/home/ \
    --exclude '.mozilla/firefox/*/Cache' \
    --exclude '.mozilla/firefox/*/urlclassifier3.sqlite' \
    --exclude '.Trash/' \

The directory that I found to be copied instead of linked has this full path

/home/pave/rood/atp/Conversion Patterns - atp/

This directory also contains two spaces and a dash (-). Could this be a

rsync --version
rsync  version 3.0.7  protocol version 30

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