Force destination files to specific owner/group

Bill Campbell rsync at
Mon Mar 1 16:27:55 MST 2010

On Mon, Mar 01, 2010, Kyle Lanclos wrote:
>I'm working with an old system I set up to copy files from one local
>directory to another. I was using rdist for this, but I would prefer
>to shift it over to rsync.
>The one thing I'm missing is the trivial ability to force the group
>owernship of the destination files to a specific group. A read through
>the manpage and various searches on the web do not turn up any helpful
>hints in this regard.

If you connect to an rsync daemon you can specify the user and
group on a per-module basis with something like this in your
rsyncd.conf file:

	uid = bill
	group = staff
	read only = false
	path = /home/bill
	hosts allow =
	hosts deny *

The appropriate rsync command would be something like

rsync -aHrx /home/bill/ destsys::bills_home/

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