How to skip deletion of files which are newer on the receiver?

Mike Reiche mike.reiche at
Tue Jun 29 03:04:10 MDT 2010


I try to create a duplex sync between client/server via two rsync calls.

First step: Send new or updated files.

# rsync -a -c -r -z -u --progress --delete --files-from=rsync-list.txt $SOURCE --filter='. rsync-filter.txt' $TARGET/

Second step: Receive new or updates files.

# rsync -p -g -c -r -z -u --progress $TARGET/* $SOURCE

That works fine for most circumstances. But the first command deletes all files from the receiver, even if they are newer.
Changing the content (for differen checksum) or mtime of the receiver's file doesn't work. How to prevent that behavior?

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