where is backup-dir rooted?

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 23:34:22 MDT 2010

> [What I am trying to achieve is to backup (part of) my home directory to a backup server such that
> a) I have a reasonably up to date (within a day if I do it overnight) of my current state
> b) If I have deleted or updated a file the old version of it gets placed into a special "snapshot directory" away from this backup.

I am positive that others on this list will be able to assist you further with this question. 

In the mean time you may want to refer to a recently started thread relating to backups on the rsync mailing list : <http://www.mail-archive.com/rsync@lists.samba.org/msg25924.html>

The summary of my reply to this thread was that you may want to have a look at LBackup.

I hope this helps.

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