Source files in use or modified while transfer

HomeRun4711 homerun4711 at
Thu Jun 3 03:27:40 MDT 2010


I have a question on rsync's way to deal with files in use
or files that are modified on the source while they
are transferrred to the destination.

Yes, I searched the web and found

> In rsync, transfers are done to a temporary file, which is cut over 
> atomically, so the transfer either happens in its entirety or not at 
> all. Basically, rsync does "the right thing," so you won't end up with 
> partially-backed-up files. 

> On the destination rsync always writes to a temporary file and then
> renames it.  This operation is atomic on Unix, so processes will
> either see the old file or the new one.  Processes that have the old
> file open it will continue to use it even after it's been unlinked.
Well, but this only describes how rsync is dealing with files
on the destination directory.

But what if e.g. a large mailbox file is changed on the source directory.

Is there a checksum check after the transfer and if  yes - how often is 
the file
transferred again by default.

Is rsync working with a shadow copy of the source files?

I hope you can help me.



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