Getting rsync to store timing information in its logs

Rahul Nabar rpnabar at
Tue Jul 27 17:06:10 MDT 2010

Is there a way to know from the rsync logs how long it took to do a backup?

The only timing info,. I see is this at the end:

sent 3067328 bytes  received 7853035429 bytes  1187888.83 bytes/sec
total size is 1559866450336  speedup is 198.55

Can I use it to figure out how long the operation took?

Does the above mean it took 2.5 secs of send time and 1.8 hours of
recieve time so (roughly) the operation lasted around 110 minutes? Or
is this a bad way of estimation.

 I know from my cron job as to when it started but I want some way of
knowing how long it was running.

20 22 * * * rsync -av --exclude='*txt.slave*' --delete
root at polaris::polhome /polhome/  > /var/log/rsync/rsync.log

Also, the bytes/sec figure has me confused. It seems to convert to
about 1.13 GB/sec. But I know that my ethernet connection is only at 1
Gbps maximum. How is the bytes/sec figure computed then?


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