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Mon Jul 19 22:06:53 MDT 2010

Hi all,

I am running Ubuntu server 10.04 and use rsync to do all my backups. I would
like to backup multiple directories to my external hard drive, but I am
faced with a problem on how to set up crontab -e to allow each rsync
statement to perform one after the other. Right now I have each one set to
run on different nights, but I would like them all to run the same night to
allow for a more efficient backup. I know I could just run them at different
times in the same night, but I don't want to chance one not completing
before the other starts. Can I just list them one after the other like so in
crontab -e:

# m h  dom mon dow   command
00 4 * * 7 rsync -auv --delete /Godfather/Music /Backup
                 rsync -auv --delete /Godfather/Documents /Backup
                 rsync -auv --delete /Godfather/Setups /Backup
                 rsync -auv --delete /Godfather/Pictures /Backup
                 rsync -auv --delete /Godfather/Backups /Backup
                 rsync -auv --delete /Godfather/Videos /Backup

This is my current crontab -e
# m h  dom mon dow   command
00 4 * * 7 rsync -auv --delete /Godfather/Music /Backup
00 4 * * 6 rsync -auv --delete /Godfather/Documents /Backup
00 4 * * 5 rsync -auv --delete /Godfather/Setups /Backup
00 4 * * 4 rsync -auv --delete /Godfather/Pictures /Backup
00 4 * * 3 rsync -auv --delete /Godfather/Backups /Backup
00 4 * * 2 rsync -auv --delete /Godfather/Videos /Backup

Thanks in advance!
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