Rsync backup issues using relative paths and LVM snapshots

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at
Thu Jul 15 15:39:09 MDT 2010

> I really want to put the logic in the script so it is easy to bring another backup location online easily.

If you have shell access to the destination system from your backup script then one option may be to issue 'mkdir -p' via ssh.

> Creating the directories manually on the destination server is not desirable

If you using mkdir command via ssh is what you are referring to as a manual process then okay another approach will be required.

If your OS has support for sparse bundle images then one possible approach could be staging the backup to local media and then once finished unmount the sparse bundle image and then sync this image your remote locations. Below is a link to a script (which currently only supporting Mac OS X) which will synchronize a sparse bundle image to a remote server.

I would also suggest that a pull backup strategy may also be worth considering. 


If you are distributing your backups to multiple systems one advantage of a pull backup strategy is the ability to move the job of distribution to the backup destination system.

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