DO NOT REPLY [Bug 2094] Keep the last-sync time for better two-way synchronization

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> *** Bug 7565 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

sorry, I missed this request ((

as concerns unison. At least "the Unix owner and group ids are not propagated"
by Unison. So Unison can't be used for master-master replication of the whole
slices or directories by root.

As concerns  Wayne Davison comment. Of course, full replication in real time
using events between two servers would be the best choice (maybe in the future
it will become possible with rsync ;) ).
But when we set the last-sync-time===check-point just before the 
synchronization process we do not depend on the "updates made during the
transfer time". These new updates will be synchronized the next time.
Modifying the same file on both _master_ sides can occur very rarely and even
in this case we mostly need only a new version, so a simple overriding will be
enough (of course this should be "a note" for users).

currently just with --check-point and small bash script (I will attach it to
bug 7565) I use it for bidirectional synchronization with small disadvantage -
the old directories are deleted within 2 or 3 runs (depends on which side its
deleted initially).

PS. of course adding comparison of the item with check-point into rsync code
directly in the procedure of the file list checking will avoid running rcync
twice. It is not so easy for me to write it right now, since it needs changes
the direction of transfer during the file list checking.

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