osx 10.6 strange rsync errors

Robert DuToit rdutoit at comcast.net
Wed Jul 7 17:17:06 MDT 2010

Hi All,

I reported a ways back about strange file replication via rsync copying to an OSX 10.6.3 local network volume. 

Hidden dot files such as .DS-Store and other "dot" files on OSX were copied to the local volume with appended names indicating that the temp files created by rsync were ending up on the destination instead of the originals, often by the thousands.

Ok, so I am back on the case but now can not recreate this issue. I am now running OSX 10.6.4. Has anyone else noticed that this problem has ceased with 10.6.4 or is it still happening?

I tried builds of rsync 3.0.6 and 3.0.7 and both seem ok now….

If it is fixed with the latest OS release - so much the better.


Thanks, rob

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