rsync 3.0.6 job 'stalls'

L. V. Lammert lvl at
Fri Jul 2 07:47:34 MDT 2010

Been trying to setup a backup between a Debian machine & CentOS; both are
3.0.6, but observing the log shows:

1) Connection is established (via ssh)
2) A file list is transferred [seems to be all files, including the
pattern for what is selected?]
3) After the file list, the initiator (running 'pull') shows "Done"
4) No files get transferred

Using bare rsync, with -avvvvv, ..

One possible clue - when launching the job as a "push", there seeems to be
a memory problem, but running with a single directory (say, 50MB), it
still fails the same way.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot would be appreciated.


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