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Thu Jul 1 12:57:10 MDT 2010

I asked a question about not link-dest not creating hardlinks and got ideas and 
hints that led to the solution which is the link-dest dir must/should be 
relative to the destination and/or the destination must be empty. I did both and 
that works fine.

My question is what would cause rsync to copy a file that has not changed. I can 
tell link-dest is working because about 8.5 GB of 40 GB were transfered. My 

   rsync --log-file=/share/data/rsync.log  -vvaxH --numeric-ids --delete \
      --exclude=/home/apache/logs --link-dest=../../../201003/newharbor/home/ \
      -e ssh root at .

In checking inodes I can find many files that did not change on the server. 

artemis:/mnt# diff 201003/newharbor/home/allvid/allvid.tgz 201007/newharbor/home/home/allvid/allvid.tgz
artemis:/mnt# ls -il 201003/newharbor/home/allvid/allvid.tgz
146490838 -rw-r--r--  1 root  2174  70764 Oct  8  2008 
artemis:/mnt# ls -il 201007/newharbor/home/home/allvid/allvid.tgz
151176421 -rw-r--r--  2 root  2174  70764 Oct  8  2008 

Thanks for any ideas.

Douglas Denault
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