Rsync in daemon mode

Piyush Pande piyush.pande at
Tue Jan 26 10:35:08 MST 2010

     I am a newbie to Rysnc and a had a quick question, the answer for which I wasn't able to find in the documentations.
    Currently I have Solaris system A which has files that are being generated and changed in real time. I am running rysnc in daemon mode on A.(server)
    On system B I use the appropriate rysnc command to connect to system A and sync all the files on B. I am having to either manually initiate the command on B or run a
     cron job on B to initiate the rysnc every few minutes to A.

   Is it possible to run rysnc in daemon mode on system B(client)  as well such that rsync will auto detect modifications and sync all the files with system A in real-time?
   If yes could someone give me pointers to how I would need to configure the rsync daemon on the client to achieve this?


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