Still stuck with exculsion text file pattern

nomnex nomnex at
Thu Jan 21 18:46:32 MST 2010

I would like to rsync the dirs "Documents" "Sofware" and the .evolution
files only. and remove the *~ files


#rsync -r -n -t -v --progress
--exclude-from=r2 /home/mt/ /home/mt/rsyncTest/


#text file <r1>:
+ .evolution/calendar/local/system/calendar.ics
+ .evolution/memos/local/system/journal.ics
+ .evolution/tasks/local/system/tasks.ics

- *~

+ Documents/***
+ Software/***

- *


The only way to archive the ".evolution part" is to type "a line for
each folder path"

+ .evolution
+ .evolution/calendar
+ .evolution/calendar/local
+ .evolution/calendar/local/system/** (this will work)

First question: Is there a shorter syntax to get this result, and which

Second question: If I want the .evolution files copied at the root
of /rsyncTest/ (i.e. without the folder structure) what syntax or rule
do I need

Thank you.

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