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Henri Shustak henri.shustak at
Mon Jan 18 12:44:08 MST 2010

> I'ts a simplistic backup using rsync from a Windows 2k3 machine to a Linux box out on the 'net, using pre-shared ssh keys. In this case I'm saving, files belonging to various users, using the administrator account on the windows machine and the destination is a normal user account and its home file area. I'm using the rsync --chown option to stop rsync trying to change the ownership/mode on the destination filesystem. I'm not bothered about saving the file perms/ownership.
> If I do a small transfer of a couple of dozen files as a test, all goes well.
> The path of the source on the windows system has spaces in the name, I've tried every type of escaping that I can think of to get the shells to work properly. If I run rsync running on a larger batch of files it seems to stall. Using the -vvv option I can see rsync, on the windows.cygwin end, collecting a list of files prefixed by
> [sender] make_file (filenames)
> that I guess it is going to transfer and then this is followed by
> recv_file_name (another filename)
> Which I presume is the first file that it is transferring. That file is a few hundred k so it won't take long, But rsync stalls at that point. Cntrl C does nothing and I end up having to kill the rsync process.
> I've tried
> rsync -avvvvz --progress --delete --chmod=ugo=rwX -e "ssh -i /home/administrator/rsync-key" """"/cygdrive/c/Users Shared Folders"""" """"user at remotehost/home/user/backup/""""
> rsync -avvvvz --progress --delete --chmod=ugo=rwX -e "ssh -i /home/administrator/rsync-key" """"/cygdrive/c/Users\ Shared\ Folders"""" """"user at remotehost:/home/user/backup/""""
> rsync -avvvvz --progress --delete --chmod=ugo=rwX -e "ssh -i /home/administrator/rsync-key" '"/cygdrive/c/Users\ Shared\ Folders"' '"user at remotehost:/home/user/backup/"'
> rsync -avvvz --progress --delete --chmod=ugo=rwX -e 'ssh -i /home/administrator/rsync-key' /cygdrive/c/Users\\\ Shared\\\ Folders user at remotehost:/home/user/backup/
> The cygwin rsync is v3.0.6 and the Linux (Centos) target machine has rsync 2.6.8

Ken, I am not sure I am able to help you with this problem. However, it sounds like you have quite a lot of experience with rsync and cygwin. The LBackup project <> currently has no one maintaing cygwin compatibility. If you have a look at the LBackup project and are interested in helping out then just let me know. Your assistance would certainly be welcomed.

That said, I have a couple of suggestions :

 (1) Are there any files or directors being backed up which 
     have non-asci characters in the names? Also, have you
     tired removing the parts of the path with spaces or
     tired the rsync on a directory which has no spaces?

 (2) If you use a password rather than public key for
     authentication will it work?

 (3) If you bypass SSH and setup an rsync server on the backup
     source will it work.

Beyond that I am not sure. Hopefully someone else on the list will be able to assist you with some better suggestions.

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