rsync taking a while on really large files

David Trammell davidst at
Fri Jan 15 11:46:27 MST 2010

 I could use an ordinary copying script for the mail files, but I figured if 
rsync can do it in some more optimal way, I'll stick with it for simplicity 
(since it's working great for the several hundred gigs of user files).

I saw the -W option, but I wasn't sure about how it behaves as the man pages 
don't have many details, and I thought there might be other options I 
missed.  For -W the man page just says "copy files whole (w/o delta-xfer 

Does that mean it will copy all files with no comparison, or does it at 
least verify that there is some change to the file first?  I suppose either 
way I can test it to see, which is faster, but if someone can clarify the 
behavior I'd appreciate it.


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> On 01/15/2010 07:22 PM, David Trammell wrote:
>> Can anyone suggest a good way to speed up rsync on really large files? 
>> In particular, when I rsync the mail spool directory, I have a few users 
>> with inboxes over 1GB and up and it seems to take a very long time to 
>> just compare the files.  Maybe it would be faster to copy from scratch 
>> for files over a certain size or something if the time stamps don't 
>> match.
>> David
> rsync is meant to safe bandwidth, that's the main use of the tool. If you 
> have enough bandwidth, rsync without options might not be how you want to 
> use it.
> Their is -W for whole files.
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