Lots of rsync daemons running

Jeroen van der Vegt jeroen.van.der.vegt at technolution.nl
Fri Jan 15 06:26:24 MST 2010

Hi all,

We use rsync to move data from various devices to a single server. Each of
these devices is powered off regularly (at least every day). On the server,
rsync 3.0.5 is started from xinetd with the --daemon argument. The clients
run rsync 3.0.4, protocol 30 (on ARM).

Today I noticed several rsync processes (23 to be exact) running on the
server since as long back as November 2009 (according to ps, and also
/proc/[pid]/stat ). As the clients run for at most a day, that's not what
I'd expect: I have no clue why some processes do not seem to terminate.

Is this a known issue? These processe are not causing any issues (that I
know of), and I can probably kill them without any problems. But is there
anything I should/could do to investigate this? All I saw so far is that all
rsync instances were in the 'sleeping' state, and the PPID was not xinetd's
PID, but 1.

Kind regards,

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