Rsync/cygwin "file has vanished" error trying to sync XP SP3 and Debian

Vit vitruss at
Fri Jan 15 00:08:24 MST 2010

Dear all!

I'm using cwrsync (latest 4.0.3) which includes rsync 3.0.7 and Cygwin  
1.7.1-1 to sync Win XP SP3 boxes with debian server (stable, rsync 3.0.3).
On windows we have many Cyrillic file names. Debian box uses en_US.UFT-8.
For some files I'm getting "file has vanished" error. And I know that  
files exist at there path, not locked or changed at the moment. But they  
can have rather long file names: I've seen 249 characters file name in  
Russian. It's really long. I thought that latest cygwin and rsync supports  
really long file names encoded in UTF-8.

Is there any way to bypass this problem?

With best regards,
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