link-dest question

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Tue Jan 5 03:16:23 MST 2010

On Mon 04 Jan 2010, doug at wrote:
> The command works but copies all files, i.e. no hard links created.
>   rsync -vaxH --numeric-ids --delete --exclude=/home/apache/logs \
>    --link-dest=/mnt/200912/newharbor/home -e ssh \
>    201001/newharbor/home/
> The command was run without the continuation breaks that I added for
> readability. The command ended with:

You're transferring to a relative destination path, but are using an
absolute link-dest path. I prefer to do that the other way round :-)

I'd do:

rsync -vaxH ... --link-dest=../../../200912/newharbor/home/ \ /mnt/201001/newharbor/home/

> I assume this is my error but can not find anything wrong. At most

You could add more -v options to make rsync more verbose, that might
give you hints where it goes wrong.


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