Occasional but consistent trouble with --filter

Giampaolo Tomassoni Giampaolo at Tomassoni.biz
Sat Jan 2 10:09:55 MST 2010

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> I'm stuck.
> Giampaolo

Ok, I've found why. It seems that one can't put all the filtering patterns
in a single '--filter=...' option, but instead each filtering pattern has to
be specified by its own option.

This seems to work to me:

rsync -auEAXDSz --delete-after --numeric-ids --compress-level=9 --stats
--super --bwlimit=15 --progress -e 'ssh -oCompression=no' '--filter=+ /*/'
'--filter=+ /*/users/' '--filter=+ /*/users/*/' '--filter=+
/*/users/*/.mail/' '--filter=+ /*/users/*/.mail/**' '--filter=- /**'
user at oldserver:/srv/vhome/ /srv/vhome/

It seems to me this is not well explained in the rsync manpage, but maybe I
didn't pay enough attention to it.

Thanks everybody,


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