Rsync, CP and Cron job workaround?

Al Grant at
Fri Jan 1 16:21:37 MST 2010


I have a Linux based NAS, which unfortunately appears to be a bit
underpowered, heres why I say that:

5 PC's backup to the NAS on a weekly full with hourly incrementals 7 days a
week between 7am and 6pm (2 week retention policy). There is no problem with

Where there is a problem is getting that data off the NAS to the USB
attached storage for off site (2 disks swapped weekly). The built in RSYNC
via the web gui takes about 3 days to sync to USB after the weekly full (Sun
night)- 100% CPU. The fulls are about 20-40Gb each.

I was thinking about one of two ways around this:

1. using cron and cp copy the weekly fulls to the USB storage, then use
nightly rsyncs to keep everything else up to date. I am assuming here that
rsync wont recopy the stuff copied with cp?

The logic of the cp cron job would need to be something like:
*delete stuff created over 8 days ago
*copy all files in backup dir recursively that dont already exist (should
only be full backups)
*run a rsync for cleanup

2. use rsync exclusively, but schedule it to only run it outside of business
hours, ie let it run from 7pm -5am and kill it at 5am. Over the course of
the week it should catch up?

Any thoughts on these two methods? I realise that option 1 gives you no
assurance that the copy completed successfully.



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