temp name for destination directory, move in place after successfull complete?

Andreas Schildbach andreas at schildbach.de
Fri Jan 1 07:26:10 MST 2010

Hello everyone,

In --link-dest/--copy-dest/--compare-dest modes, I'd like to distinguish
between destination directories that have been completely rsynced and
the ones that are only partially synced because of a network failure.

In short, I'd like to mimic the behaviour rync has on individual files
(building them as .filename-random and then renaming them to filename)
for the whole destination directory.

Of course, I could instruct rsync to create .destination-random rather
than just destination. However, I think I cannot rename the temporary
directory after successfull completion via the rsync protocol (this
would need shell access or a mounted filesystem, both of which I want to

Is there any way to do this magic with rsync, or maybe is there any
option that removes the whole destination again if something went wrong?

Best regards,


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