DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6307] "rsync --remove-source-files foo/ foo/" should not delete files

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------- Comment #1 from cooleyr at  2010-02-20 20:34 CST -------
A big _me too_ on this one.  

"Gee, my main storage space is nearly full, I need to move it off to another
disk immediately...  It's kinda important so I don't want to use mv and just
hope everything goes okay...  You know, if I use rsync, I'll get file
checksuming, and some stats.  Perfectly.  Let me just wrap-off a quick cmd-line
before we run out of space.  Perfect!  Hmm, where'd they go?  Dammit!  200
GBytes of 'didn't have a chance to back it up yet' data GONE.  Thanks rsync!"

While I recognize my mistake in all of this, and while important and
irreplaceable, the data wasn't critical, but I remain in a mild furor over
pretty much the one and only possible way this could go wrong, not being
checked for, despite how trivial doing so would be...  This is just a complete
lack of design fore-thought on a critical-data tool.  Combine this with the
terrible performance I'm seeing on filesystems with large numbers of
files/folders, and my days of promoting rsync are over.  I guess it's time I
really check out Unison...

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