rsync: stat "/path/to/dest/file" failed: No such file or directory (2)

Andrei_r20 andrei.rakov at
Thu Feb 18 11:25:00 MST 2010

for backup:
rsync -aH --stats --link-dest=/home/backup/lastbackup/folder1
/mnt/device/folder1 /home/backup/device/currentbackup

for recovery
rsync -aH --stats --delete /home/backup/device/currentbackup/folder1/

/mnt/device/folder1 is the nfs mountpoint
backup creates folder1 in currentbackup

recovery syncs contents of folder1 on nfs mounted device with contents of
folder1 in currentbackup
inside folder 1 is a big file tree of around 50 000 files. Of these 50 000,
around 40 000 are hard links of 10 000 others... some have hard link count
of 2-3, some up to 250....

I use rsync 3.0.2

I still changed the path names, because of the very revealing nature of the
real ones, but they represent exactly what i am doing :)

It works very well, when i do a backup and recover right after, since
nothing has changed...

The problem comes when I try to recover a recent backup onto an older
version of folder1 hierarchy, from some years ago, on which some directories
are inexistant... but the general structure of the file tree is the same..
the files that give an error are all in the same directory that is
inexistant on the destination (old disk on top of which I recover), but many
other files in the same directory copy without problem... (I say copy, but
all I do for now are dry-runs)....
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