old files not getting deleted

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Sat Feb 13 16:56:17 MST 2010


I've been having a bear of a time tracking this down.  I'm currently using 
rsync to back a bunch of servers up to a ZFS pool on a server.  I recently 
noticed my deltas between ZFS snapshots seemed a bit large, so I started 
looking more closely at what was being backed up.  Looking at some Maildirs, I 
found that messages (files) that had been deleted on the server were not being 
deleted by rsync.  My flags include a "--delete" option, and I also tried the 
other delete options (delete-during, delete-after) with no luck.

If I manually run rsync with the same flags, but specify the direct path to a 
user's Maildir, files are deleted properly.  My script runs from the root of 
the filesystem though, and relies on an included exclude file to negate things 
I don't want to back up.

How can I track this down?

My command line looks like so:

rsync --archive --stats --numeric-ids --delete --partial --inplace --hard-links 
--rsync-path="/usr/local/bin/rsync" --rsh="/usr/bin/ssh -p 22 -i 
/usr/local/rsb/conf/id_dsa" --log-file=/var/log/rsbackup/$RSYNC_SERVER.log
backups@$RSYNC_SERVER:/ /tank/backups/$RSYNC_SERVER (note, no trailing slash on 

The exclude file looks like this:

Mail lives in /home/vpopmail/domains/example.com/user/

Logging is enabled, and here's a snippet of the log for a particular maildir 
I'm watching:

(user's maildir)
2010/02/12 01:34:32 [71490] .d..t...... 

(some courier-related files)
2010/02/12 01:34:32 [71490] >f.st...... 
2010/02/12 01:34:32 [71490] >f.st...... 

(read mail directory)
2010/02/12 01:34:32 [71490] .d..t......

(rsync copying files to destination)
2010/02/12 01:34:32 [71490] >f+++++++++ 
2010/02/12 01:34:32 [71490] >f+++++++++ 

The rest of the log continues like this, just files being added, nothing 

What am I missing?



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