DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6916] Avoid bundling a modified zlib

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Sun Feb 7 18:32:18 MST 2010

------- Comment #6 from matt at  2010-02-07 19:32 CST -------
Some technical details: Z_INSERT_ONLY is used on the sender side to enter
matched blocks in the gzip history without transmitting them in the compressed
stream.  The receiver-side counterpart is the code in see_deflate_token in
token.c which inserts into the input stream a synthesized zlib-format block
containing the matched data.

The receiver-side behavior was possible to implement based on knowledge of the
zlib format without actually modifying zlib.  Implementing the sender-side
behavior in the same way would require excising the matched data from zlib's
output and flushing in order to make the excision possible.  I guess that was
determined to be too hard, though it's not clear to me what is so hard about

Wayne said previously that the receiver-side implementation is a hack and
should be moved into zlib if Z_INSERT_ONLY is upstreamed:

I agree.  But note that after doing that, we would still have a dependency on
the zlib format in send_deflated_token, which fiddles with the "0, 0, ff, ff"
bytes generated by flushing.

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