rsync for mailbox backup

Ryan Malayter malayter at
Thu Feb 4 07:01:45 MST 2010

On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 1:25 AM, CoolAtt NNA <coolatt at> wrote:
> Hi ..
> Am using rsync to mirror all mailboxes to a backup server.
> I have configured rsync to run every 1 min. we have around 50 mailboxws for
> now.
> Plz advise if ok to run rsync every 1 min.

It depends on the mailbnox size, your hardware, the network, and the
other loads on the systems incolved. Does and rsync job even finish in
1 minute on your setup?

A better solution is probably to run rsync in an infinite loop with a
sleep call in-between runs, so you can be sure that the previous run
is finished before starting again.

Something like:
  while [ 1 ]
  rsync <with options>
  sleep 60

Clearly you would want to have some clean error handling and shut-down
logic in this script as well. You can then adjust the sleep time to
system load so rsync doesn't impact normal operations.


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