Problems with rsync between NAS mounted filesystems

Ed Coates ed at
Mon Feb 1 13:34:58 MST 2010

Quoting Wayne Davison <wayned at>:

> On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 7:23 AM, Ed Coates <ed at> wrote:
>> rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (338935497 bytes received so far)
>> [sender]
>> [...] Any clues on why it might be losing connection?
> In a local connection the sender is the client side, so this is indicating
> that the receiving side went away.  Because you got no terminating message,
> it is probable that the receiver was the process that died first, and its
> message did not make it through the generator before things closed down.
>  You might try the latest "nightly" tar file rsync release of 3.1.0dev,
> which should do better at getting the errors to you when an abnormal
> shutdown is happening.  Or, to diagnose what you're running now, you can
> turn off some of the verbosity and attach an strace to each of the receiving
> rsyncs after the transfer starts up.  That should reveal why the process
> died.
> ..wayne..

Can't install the latest dev at this time, but I reran the rsync again  
and have the following to report.  Below is a list of the processes:

[iepsiu001] / # ps -ef|grep rsync
     root  9482  9481  0 09:22:23 pts/2    0:00 /opt/csw/bin/rsync -av  
--delete /rsync/ieeprodhome/ECF/ /rsync/ieeprodhome2/ECF
     root  9481 23946  3 09:22:23 pts/2    1:18 /opt/csw/bin/rsync -av  
--delete /rsync/ieeprodhome/ECF/ /rsync/ieeprodhome2/ECF
     root 14676 28952  0 09:28:18 pts/3    0:00 grep rsync
     root  9494  9482  3 09:22:23 pts/2    1:22 /opt/csw/bin/rsync -av  
--delete /rsync/ieeprodhome/ECF/ /rsync/ieeprodhome2/ECF

I won't flood the list with the last screenful of outputs of the three  
processes, so I'll put them on a web server and let you take a look at  

They are all here:

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