"numeric-ids" parameter in the rsyncd.conf doesn't not wok

Qian Hao yoru.007 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 01:17:23 MST 2010

Hi ,guys
I want to synchronize some files from my local computer to a remote
server while preserving the user name and group name. The rsyncd.conf
file on the remote server is:

read only=no
auth users=test
secrets file=/etc/secrets
use chroot=yes
numeric ids=no

Since the parameter "numeric ids" is enabled for the chroot modules by
default, I set it to "no" explicitly in the config file.I tried  with
the command:

rsync -go --password-file=/home/yorua007/secrets ./test.txt
test at remote server's ip::enso-home/

But the user name and group name of the file "test.txt" changed to be
names on the remote server.



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