using rsync to keep squeeze amd64 image freshened.

Mac User FR macuserfr at
Fri Dec 17 00:44:59 MST 2010

If you only want a file (or directory) just complete the link that Ed gave you:

>[name of the file/directory] /YOUR_DOWNLOAD_DIR/

Le 17 déc. 2010 à 07:42, shirish शिरीष a écrit :

> In-line :-
> 2010/12/17  <edacval at>:
> <snipped>
>> None of 4 Taiwan official rsync mirrors offers ::debian-cdimage module.
>> You can mirror from official debian rsync server:
>> rsync -aHPv --block-size=8192

> But it seems that it will download the whole DVD repository, I just
> want DVD-1 and keep syncing to it every week.

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