using rsync to keep squeeze amd64 image freshened.

edacval at edacval at
Thu Dec 16 21:32:36 MST 2010

On 12/17/2010 05:12 AM, shirish शिरीष wrote:
> Hi all, I tried to get my query of how to use rsync by the mailing
> list debian-user at but the answers were not
> satisfactory. You can see the whole thread starting from 
> What I want to do is to keep the weekly amd64 squeeze build , from t 
> its
>  The above is what I want to achieve. But I'm facing problems as I 
> don't know how to use rsync
> Looking from and 
> the command seems to come something like this :-
> rsync --times --links --hard-links --partial -archive -verbose 
> -compress --block-size=8192 --exclude=source/ 
> --exclude='*businesscard*.iso' --exclude='*netinst*.iso' 
> --exclude=alpha/ --exclude=arm/ --exclude=hppa/ --exclude=hurd/ 
> --exclude=ia64/ --exclude=m68k/ --exclude=mips/ --exclude=mipsel/ 
> --exclude=powerpc/ --exclude=s390/ --exclude=sh/ --exclude=sparc/ 
> --exclude=5.0.7/ --exclude=5.0.7-live/ --exclude=i386/ 
> --include='*-dvd.iso' .
> While has only 5.0.7 images (not something I'm
> looking for)
> The Taiwan mirror seems to have everything . I had to look at quite
> a few mirrors as most of them have Debian Lenny (5.0.x series)  but
> not Debian squeeze (6.0.x series).
>  This is the one I want to rsync. Only DVD-1 does anybody know how
> can I achieve that and if there is a simpler way to do it (perhaps 
> something that I don't know ?)
> Looking forward to answers.

None of 4 Taiwan official rsync mirrors offers ::debian-cdimage module.
You can mirror from official debian rsync server:
rsync -aHPv --block-size=8192 /YOUR_DOWNLOAD_DIR/

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