How to obtain the both rsync progress ?

Honoré Antoine antxxx971 at
Thu Dec 9 08:06:25 MST 2010


I'm a French Student in for my project a need to use Rsync for a backup 
solution and I have a problem.

I need to pick up the both RSYNC progress in same time, the  classic 
progress "files to files" ( with the option "--info=progress" ) and  the 
overall RSYNC progress with the option "--info=progress2".

I want to know if is possible to obtain this both progress to the 
--stdout of shell.

My goal is to redirect and parsing this progress for used this values in 
a dialog gauge.

I want to produce two gauges : One for the "files to files" progress 
state and the second for the "overall" progress state.

I think there are two ways :

The first : A option --info=progress3 who generate the both progress but 
it will be not readable and not easy for parsing.


The second : One of the both in backdoor whith a implicite generation ( 
redirect > /dev/null i don't know :D )

If there are a solution i am very interessting.


My email : ( antxxx971 at or ant.honore at )
Antoine Honoré
15 avenue Jules Ferri
34500 Montpellier

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