Rsync on a single server

Vit vitruss at
Tue Apr 27 20:57:38 MDT 2010

I think you should look at rsnapshot. It's rsync based complete backup solution.

> Addendum:
> I seem to have been successful in copying files from one of the domains to
> the other using the following:
> rsync -auvn /path/to/source/directory /path/to/destination/directory
> I can only assume everything new/changed was copied as I now need the mysql
> database copied from one domain to the other. Is it possible to copy the
> mysql database using rsync on the /mysql/mydomain to /mysql/myotherdomain or
> do I have to do something different?
> Legionnaire1 wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm new to rsync but I get the gist of what has to be done to create
>> backups from a server to a client. My particular need though is to copy
>> new/changed files and mysql database from one filesystem on a server to
>> another filesystem on the same server. Basically I have 7 domains on a
>> dedicated vps, all with exclusive ips. One domain is the master domain and
>> the files and database need to be transferred to the other domains on a
>> regular basis. Site mirroring on a single server. I was told rsync would
>> handle this but so far I haven't been able to figure out how. Any help
>> would be greatly appreciated as I'm already past deadline on this.
>> Thanks much!
>> Michael


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