rsync with forced-command ssh and variable files

Alex mysqlstudent at
Mon Apr 26 20:33:06 MDT 2010


>> However, it doesn't maintain the destination filename through the
>> transfer, but instead just results in the remote file being named the
>> same as the source. How can I wildcard this so it renames it to the
>> proper filename for the transfer?
> My answer is the same as last time: don't override the rsync server
> command, instead use an rsync daemon.

Thanks for the follow-up :-)

There is a firewall involved, and it's over an unsecured network, so
I'm not sure using just the rsync encryption without any additional
encryption or authentication (since it's automated) will be possible.

For the time being, I've renamed the file on the sending side so as to
correspond with what I want it to be on the receiving side, and it's
working okay.

Why can't I have complete flexibility AND total security? :-)


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