include/exclude Problem

Michael bushveld at
Sat Apr 24 06:30:12 MDT 2010

Hi there

I have a little problem to get my include / exclude working:

I want to sync /etc /home and /usr/local (and all files/dirs beneath) to
There are some huge files in /home which I want to exclued

I have set up an include/exclude file but I still get too much files. Also
the excluded file is synced

/usr/bin/rsync -av --exclude-from=excl --delete --numeric-ids --relative
--delete-excluded / REOMOTEHOST:/dest

cat excl
+ /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/
+ /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/etc/
+ /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/etc/**
+ /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/home/
+ /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/home/**
+ /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/usr/local/
+ /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/usr/local/**
- /mnt/md1/backup/akazia.0/home/installsrc/opensuse112.iso
- *

Any hint what I am do wrong? I have read the man page a thousand times ...

Thanks a lot
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