DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7368] Multiple --*-dest should still work for exactly matching files when protocol < 29

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Sat Apr 17 17:28:26 MDT 2010

matt at changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Priority|P3                          |P4
            Summary|Support --link-dest when    |Multiple --*-dest should
                   |receiving from a old version|still work for exactly
                   |                            |matching files when protocol
                   |                            |< 29

------- Comment #3 from matt at  2010-04-17 18:28 CST -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> Using more than one --link-dest option requires protocol 29 or higher
This is the key point.  In general, you should provide the output the first
time to save a round trip in case you omitted an important fact from your

The generator needs to tell the receiver which basis dir contained the basis
file to use for each file being received.  Since the protocol is pipelined, the
sender's cooperation is needed to relay this information.  With an older
sender, there is no way for the delta-transfer algorithm to use basis dirs
other than the first.  The generator could probably still handle exactly
matching files without sender cooperation, though it might not be able to
itemize that correctly.  So this is a valid enhancement request, though it is
quite low priority because rsync 2.6.3 is WAY obsolete.

> --rsync-path='rsync --link-dest=/tmp/bin-o'

That's a hack.  It would be better style to use a wrapper script to add the
option at the end of the command line so both sides agree on the first basis
dir, but I don't see that it makes any practical difference.

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