Risk of corrupting open sources files

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at wurtel.net
Fri Apr 16 10:00:42 MDT 2010

On Fri 16 Apr 2010, Matt McCutchen wrote:

> > Additionally, would the writing program be blocked from writing to the
> > file if rsync is reading the file?
> Not on unix-like systems.  OTOH, I believe Windows enforces read/write
> locking, so rsync could not have the file open for reading at the same
> time as another process has it open for writing.

And more importantly perhaps in this context: while rsync is reading the
file, the program trying to open the file to update will fail to do so,
and it might not handle that situation correctly (perhaps even crash).
On windows of course; as Matt says, this is not an issue on unix-like


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