Mac OS X "rsync: unpack_smb_acl: sys_acl_get_info(): Unknown error: 0 (0)"

Matt McCutchen matt at
Wed Apr 14 19:07:06 MDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-04-15 at 00:21 +0100, Stuart Ramdeen (Toucan) wrote:
> I have also noticed this error. In my particular scenario ACL
> preservation is not essential, but what concerns me is that rsync
> appears to skip an entire folder that has an invalid ACL. Therefore
> none of the actual data is backed up. I would expect rsync to copy the
> folder structure & files but simply leave (or copy what it thinks to
> be the invalid) ACL entries behind.
> Oversimplifying things, or a bug?

Yes, that is the way rsync currently works; whether you call it a bug is
a question of terminology.  Failure to read an ACL or extended attribute
causes make_file to return NULL, and rsync skips the file or directory
altogether.  That's disappointing in some cases; in other cases, it
might be a security hole to copy a file without setting an appropriate

You can enter a bug on if you like, but
issues where rsync does not proceed in the best possible manner after an
I/O error tend to be low priority on the logic that the user should just
fix the I/O errors.


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